Andrea Graham’s needle felt

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Andrea Graham does things with needle felting I had no idea you could do. She appears to have started out as a dollmaker and moved on to more “fine art” type work. Her doll figures represent a quirky sense of humor, more fun than beautiful. My favorite piece, which I won’t post here because it’s slightly not safe for work, is her nude blue lady with, um, natural red hair. Cracks me up.

graham03 graham02

Her second gallery is full of felted landscapes. At first I was sure they were felted around real stones which were affixed to the canvas somehow, but now I think even the stones are felted. I’ve never seen anyone use felt in such a painterly fashion before. Check it out.

Graham05 graham04

Finally, her current work is sculpture in the microbiological vein that’s so popular these days. For me, I think I prefer her zany elderly ladies in bathing suits. But that just shows my poor taste, I guess.


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Needle felting and fiber artist.

Via Susan Lomuto’s Daily Art Muse.