Forest Throne, Part 1: Materials

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So, it’s January and the new year seems like a good time to start a crazy new project. Some friends asked me to show them how to do faux bark, and it gave me the idea to make some chairs that look like they were made from tree stumps or from live trees. I was going to do a full tutorial, but I think this project is too complicated. If you have any questions about my process, feel free to ask. This is the first time I’ve ever documented a project like this, so your input is welcome!

So, to start out, above you see my materials for the project. Materials include some thrift store saucers, instant paper mache, wooden dowels, foam core and wire. These aren’t all the ingredients, of course, but I’ll show the rest as I get to them. Mainly I’ve left out the fabric and stuffing for the cushion, because if I get them out now, they’ll get all dirty before I finish the messy part. If you think I could just get them out for the photo and put them away again, you obviously don’t know me very well.

Here’s a closer shot of my sketch. I’m not doing anything terribly creative with the shape of the chair; it’s basically just like a papasan chair, but with tree bark. The back in this sketch isn’t going to work though (I couldn’t figure out how to make a curved back), so I’m going to replace it with faux tree branches and leaves. Trust me, it’ll look cool. I think.

I’ll be making four of them total, so you’ll see duplicates in the photos. I might make more later, since my husband got carried away and cut the entire dowel rod up instead of just cutting the four rods I needed, lol. Now I have enough stuff to make eleven chairs. :)

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  1. Wow–looks awesome! Can’t wait to see you work through this. Looks like you’re starting out right for showing us a full tutorial 😉

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