Forest Throne, Part 6: Bulking Up

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Sorry for the radio silence, guys; the batteries in my camera died and I had some actual paying work, so it took me a while to find time to go out and get new batteries. But I’ve been busy and I think this project is coming along nicely.

I thought I would be clever by laying strips of fabric down over the wires to help the glue hold them solid. However, I’m not sure it actually helped at all. I failed to realize that Gorilla Glue isn’t actually sticky at first, so the fabric tried to fall off, and I got glue all over myself trying to put them back on, and it turned out they wouldn’t stay unless the whole project was upside down. Which made me really glad I hadn’t tried to apply papier mache to the bare tops of the bases while I waited for the glue to dry. Oh, and I also learned that hand sanitizer removes Gorilla Glue from skin, at least if you get to it before it dries.

Instead, I refurbished an old UFO while I waited. Came out kind of nice, I think. I’ve been reading the Doll Divas diorama archives, which apparently inspired me.

This project is finally starting to take on the right shapes. For the first time, I have the “forest” effect, even though none of the branches are posed yet.

Next I bulked out the trunks with crumpled newspaper and masking tape. (It just occurred to me that this post isĀ  giving you an unintentional sampling of my TV viewing habits. I swear that isn’t some kind of new-age crystals and ufos show in the background; I’m not sure what it is, but it’s probably Stargate SG1. Which I suppose could be considered a new-age crystal and ufo sort of show… okay, moving on…)

Then I covered the crumpled newspaper with masking tape, so it would be all smooth and neat. Later I covered the base with more papier mache. The trick to using the instant papier mache is to add just enough water. You want a consistency kind of like canned tuna fish. If it’s any wetter or drier, it’ll be harder to work with. You can actually get it pretty smooth if you work at it, but I need it to be lumpy and fibrous so it looks like real dirt.

Next up: posing the branches. Index of Forest Thrones posts is here.

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