Forest Thrones, Part 8: Bark Texture

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Sorry I’ve been on hiatus; real life attacked me.

First, I wanted to show you a picture of my setup. When I’m working on a relatively large, detailed project like this, I use an old lazy susan to keep my desk clean and to let me turn it without touching it. Furthermore, I find that after focusing on anything table-height for very long, my neck starts to hurt, so I use a big block of basswood to raise the project to my eye level.

So I’ve gotten the trees to the point where they’re ready for their actual faux bark skins. The trunk part of the tree will be covered in Sculptamold, a product made of instant paper mache and plaster of paris. I intended to make the bark texture using a technique I learned a while ago from my friend Mary West, but I made a mistake. You see, it’s a little tricky mixing the Sculptamold, and the first batch didn’t have enough water, so it dried out before I could get the texture done. Sooooo… I decided to do two of them that way (so everyone would think I did it on purpose) and do the texture on the other two.

Here’s how the texture works. It’s very simple. You just take an old fork (you can get them at the thrift store for cheap) and draw lines in the wet Sculptamold.  Make all the lines going generally up and down, but make sure they aren’t perfectly straight. The next row can be a little off from parallel, and if you get one tine in an old row it’ll guide them along to look natural. The lumps in the product will make these organic-looking bumps and changes in the texture.

It looks really good when it’s done.

The other tricky thing about working with Sculptamold is that no matter how much product you mix up, you only have a few minutes to work with it before it sets. Plaster of paris hardens with a chemical reaction, so there’s no going back once it’s done. However, if you’re like me, it’s never a bad idea to have a pile of premade “stones” on hand for projects, so when I had too much leftover product and it started getting too stiff to use on the trees anymore, I just formed it up into lumps and let it harden. Later I’ll paint them and use them in other projects.

Next up: Paperclay on the upper branches. This is the fun part, where it really starts looking like something! Thanks for bearing with me.

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2 thoughts on “Forest Thrones, Part 8: Bark Texture

  1. Wow, these are intense! Amazingly detailed work, and they will look fabulous! Do you sell them,(probalby a stupid question), or are they going to be for your Crewe only?

  2. Hi, Nonnie. Yes, I will sell them, but don’t tell the DoA mods. I think one of them may already be sold; I took it to a doll meet and someone there would have bought it on the spot if it had been finished. But she’ll be glad she waited; I just received the green silk velvet for the seat cushions, and it’s gorgeous!

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