A new year, a new project.

This is the year of finishing projects, as far as I’m concerned. My stash of fabrics and craft supplies is completely out of control, so I have a couple of projects lined up to use scraps and stash items.

The only new thing I’m starting on is something I’ve been thinking about for a long time. I’ve been sewing for dolls for a couple of years now, and I’ve been thinking that I’d be really good at making patterns. I’m pretty good at teaching and I’m a graphic designer, so the publishing part will be easy. I just needed the time to develop some patterns.

So the first pattern I’m doing is a bathrobe for big boys. I made this bathrobe so that my first big boy would have something to wear until I made him some real clothes. Bathrobes don’t need to fit very well, so you can make one to a doll’s measurements without having the doll in hand, and reasonably expect it to fit. I also wanted something for my dolls to wear while they’re sitting around waiting to try on something I’m sewing for them.

In order to develop the pattern, I figure I’ll need to make several bathrobes (which I’ll probably offer for sale in my Etsy shop), and this week I finished the first one. I wrote the instructions for the pattern while I was making it. I probably need to make a couple more, one for each of the “views” I’m going to include in the pattern, and then another example using the pattern to make sure it all works.

TheĀ  finished robe is pictured below. My previous version was shorter, but I like this length. What do you think?


I made his wig. Isn’t it awful? Turns out it’s a lot harder to trim short wigs than I thought it would be, lol. I’d make a new one, but I don’t have any more black mohair.

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