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I’ve previously discussed the question of what, exactly, is a doll, and I’ve shown you an artist who is definitely making dolls, and an artist who is definitely making figurines. So today I’m going to showcase an artist who blurs the lines. Forest Rogers’ work is made entirely of hard media (generally polymer clay, although some of the larger pieces seem to be in air dry clay) and would definitely qualify as figurines, except for the judicious application of natural-fiber hair and occasional fabric clothing. The artist herself seems to have a fine art background, but she calls her work dolls and is a member of NIADA.

Whatever you call them, you can’t deny that her pieces are art. One thing that divides amateur artists from professionals, in my opinion, is the expressiveness of the pose. Really successful doll artists either understand that intuitively or learn it somewhere in their education. Rogers’ work is a prime example of the beauty that derives from the pose of the figure’s body.

Check out Forest Rogers’ work here and here, and her blog here.

Rogers 5 Rogers 4 Rogers 3

Rogers 2 Rogers 1

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