Pat Graham — the Poddess Goddess

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Graham 1

What do you get when you cross woodsy elves with creepy goth? You get the work of Pat Graham, of course. Her “pods” have all the personality of Dawn Schiller’s Seedseidh, but with much more attitude (see the “Angry Young Pod” above). You know when you’re outdoors at night, and you see little eyes shining from the bushes, and you get all creeped out? From now on, I’m going to assume it’s one of Graham’s pod people.

Graham 7 Graham 5

Sculpting a doll and dressing it well are completely different disciplines, and many artists excel at one and neglect the other, so it’s worth noting that while some of her pieces are so delightfully sculpted as to be presented in the nude, Graham is also a master at applying fabric, beads, hair and trims for costumes that have just the right amount of texture and color. Whether she’s making a “grumpy,” a goth girl or a smoking gremlin, Graham’s work is always worth a giggle.

Graham 4 Graham 2 Graham 7

Once again we have an artist whose DeviantArt account contains more pictures than her personal web page, so be sure to check them both out. Graham is very active on DeviantArt, generously handing out advice and encouragement to other doll artists, so if you like her work and you have a DA account, be sure to leave her a comment.

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