Molly Stanton: Elven Elysium

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Hi everyone! I’m back, and I owe a big thank-you to all of you who checked in while I was gone.

Stanton 4

Today’s artist is Molly Stanton of Pennsylvania. Stanton’s sculpting career was launched a few years ago by the acquisition of a Wendy Froud piece, and now the student rivals the master. A prolific eBay seller, each of her fairies and mermaids are characterized by an interesting pose and an intricate costume, often involving beads and jewelry findings. I love the complexity of the wings on her fairies and the unexpected use of filigree (I adore filigree) in the costumes. You can check out her work on her standalone site, in her Livejournal and on DeviantArt.

Stanton 3 Stanton 2 Stanton1 Stanton 5

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