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“Hauntingly beautiful” is how I would describe Joanna Thomas’ work. A portrait painter turned dollmaker, Thomas sculpts soulful little girls with wispy hair and rich costumes. Though up close, some of her pieces look a little unfinished or impressionistic, they can’t help but arouse powerful emotions in the viewer. A visitor to her website left a comment saying that she was moved to tears, and these pieces make me long for a little girl of my own someday. Her dolls represent the kind of childhood we all wish we’d had, “when all things within us were good,” as she states on her obsolete AOL website. Most of her pictures can be found on her new website, including galleries for her fairies, ballerinas, storybook characters, and girls with their equally-engaging pets. Check out her work, but keep a box of face tissues nearby.

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EDIT: You can also find Thomas’ work on DeviantArt.

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