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Sometimes I run across a doll artist who just seems to have it all. Virginie Ropars is one such artist. Besides being a fabulous doll artist, she has a background in computer graphics, which shows in the fact that she has the coolest web site I’ve blogged about so far. Her figures (she’s another one who doesn’t make “dolls”) have lovely, evocative faces which are in some cases nearly crowded out by their complicated, high-fashion costumes. I adore the gesture of the witch above, casually adjusting her hat as she zooms around on her broomstick. Ropars’ figures are just the right mix of fantasy and realism, with a healthy dose of runway-worthy costumes added in. There is nothing here to dislike.

Ropars 9 Ropars 7 Ropars 6 Ropars 5 Ropars 4 Ropars 3 Ropars 2 Ropars 1

I had a bit of trouble with the animation on her website in my Firefox browser, but my other browser (AOL, which I think is Netscape) didn’t have any problems. I love the eerie effect of the doll face blinking at you. Some people just have it all.

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