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Rebecca Schumacher Cox, like Patrick Keith, seems to have come to the world of dolls from the world of fantasy gaming. She started out making all hard-media figures out of Aves Apoxie Sculpt, but later began to work in the more multimedia style used by most dollmakers today. Her work is really fascinating, featuring lovely, strong-looking women and expressive men with intricate paint jobs and costumes. This versatile artist also produces paintings and pencil drawings.

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Check out the aged bride in the lineup above. Several people have commented that at first glance, they thought this picture was a photograph of a real person. Cox seems to prefer Apoxie Sculpt, a direct-sculpt resin compound, as a medium, but the aged bride is an experiment in using Apoxie Sculpt for the armature and translucent Premo for the flesh, which provides the superior strength of the resin but the waxy finish of the polymer clay. I’ve never worked with Apoxie Sculpt myself, but now I’d sure like to.

Cox has a website, but there are also pictures in her Epilogue gallery. Cox is active in the science fiction/fantasy convention circuit and gaming circles, and sometimes collaborates with other artists, as in the mermaid above, who lives in a hand-blown glass bowl.

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