Halloween must be getting close

Last year, my doll club and I exhibited at a great Halloween show in St. Joseph, Missouri. We had a lot of fun, but, alas, they don’t seem to be having it again this year. it’s time to start thinking about Halloween anyway, so today I’m going to do something a little different. Instead of giving you some links to dollmaking tutorials, I’m going to give you some links to instructions for Halloween props. One of the great things about dollmaking is how many skills you can employ in one project, so you never know when you’re going to learn something useful.

Ghoul Friday is not a dollmaker, exactly, but more like a Halloween enthusiast. Check out her page of prop-making tutorials. Visit her photo galleries, too, for pictures of her awesome themed parties.

Scaryguys.com offers tutorials and articles about making faux candelabras, mannequins that move with hydraulics, and lightweight “stone” walls. If you’ve ever thought about making something really big or animated, here’s the place to start.

Finally, HauntProject.com has a gazillion links to Halloween projects of every variety. Ever wondered how to make fake flames for your doll project? They have a section for that.

Happy Halloween!

4 thoughts on “Halloween must be getting close

  1. Thanks for the link :) You’ve managed to track down some exceptional doll images (of course, I like your spookier choices).

    You made a comment in one of your blogs that at some point, all dolls start to look alike. It’s the same with Halloween props. It’s a challenge to try and make them look unique.

    Just a note: the link to the tutorial section is actually http://www.ghoulfriday.com/monster_workshop :)

  2. I knew that! Uh, okay, no I didn’t. I hope people will look at your gallery anyway, to get ideas.

    I’m glad you like my blog! I love your site design. It’s simple but attractive.

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