Nicole Johnson — Mealy Monster Madness

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If Maurice Sendak sculpted scrawny kids in Halloween suits, it might look something like a Mealy Monster. Awkward is probably too gentle a term to use for these big-eyed, buck-toothed, skinny-legged kids, but then, maybe Halloween should be the one day that pretty children are banished in favor of their gangly siblings and beady-eyed classmates, especially if these are the results!

Probably the best feature of each Mealy Monster is its over-the-top personality. Each character has a prop or other detail that allows their creator, Nicole Johnson, to write a little story about them. My favorite is the kid who had a nightmare about a little, orange, pointy-toothed creature… not unlike the jack o’lantern at his feet. The Mealy Monsters seem to live just down the street from The Nightmare Before Christmas, in an imaginative world with living, toothy Halloween suits; giant slugs for pets; shrunken heads for trick-or-treat; and strange creatures who dress up as little kids for Halloween.

I really admire the creativity that goes into Johnson’s work; she’s definitely unlike anything else out there. Visit her at her Etsy shop, her blog, her Flickr account, or her own website.

These little guys are a hoot, and you can waste some enjoyable time reading all the descriptions of them on their Etsy shop, Mealy Monster Land.

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