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Today’s featured artist, Anita R. Collins, isn’t just another eBay fairy sculptor. Her work is certainly above average in its realism, beauty and detail, but beyond that, shes creates a sense of mood in her work that is really something special. Her pieces have a distinctly adult edge, displaying their anatomical correctness and sometimes showing evidence of violence, tattoos or scarification, but there is still a haunting beauty that shows through in each piece.

One thing I love about her work is her unflinching use of media. Many artists are wedded to either sewn costumes or sculpted ones (and I have long maintained that the popularity of fairies as subjects is partly because sculptors who don’t like to sew can wind a little cheesecloth around them and call it costume), but Collins’ figures wear either medium equally well, depending on what the artist is trying to accomplish. Their costumes, hair and accessories often display a careful attention to details and their effect on the work as a whole.

Everything about Collins’ work is fresh and reexamined. Her mermaids don’t have scaly tails. She makes crowns out of polymer clay and microbeads. Her angels have wings instead of arms. She makes animal-human hybrids that go beyond the usual centaurs and fauns to include seals, octopi, cats and — I swear to you — coral. Really. See the picture at the top of this entry?

Visit DeviantArt account for more of her work — I haven’t even mentioned her cool dragon-head beads or her adorable netsuke sculptures.

4 thoughts on “Sleetwealth Studios — Beauty with an edge

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  3. I love her art it has such soul. I was able to reach the gallary but when I tried the website it to me to a very very sick place. It looks like someone has hijacked the link to her page. If you can please get a message to her and let her know.
    I’m an old friend who was trying to find her, I hope she sees this as I don’t have her new email.

    I would describe her work as a unique creation that look inside those that view it.

    Thanks Anita
    Lee Miller

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