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I created Needle and Clay because I enjoyed reading Cynthia Tinapple’s Polymer Clay Daily blog, and I wished someone would do that for doll artists. My purpose is to make a place where people who like art dolls could be inspired by the fantastic artists who are active in today’s community — and occasionally by figurative art from other genres.

I am not a professional anything when it comes to dolls, and I’m not a trained art critic or anything like that. The opinions expressed on my blog reflect only my own sense of aesthetics and my experiences after eight or nine years of being active in the doll community. I hope my comments will inspire artists to improve themselves or try new things, and I hope my work will give new and unknown artists some of the attention they deserve.

I find my doll artists on the Dollmaker’s List, at DeviantArt.com (warning: this link isn’t always safe to click on at work or in front of the kids), Etsy, Conceptart.org, and various other places around the Web. If you would like to be reviewed on Needle and Clay, please send me an e-mail with links to your personal website and anywhere else you post your work online, and I’ll be happy to consider you.

Nearly all of the pictures on this site are used without their owners’ permission. Since my purpose is to promote and praise artists, I feel that I am not harming anyone by using them. However, if I have used an image that belongs to you and misattributed it or you would like me to remove it for any other reason, please let me know and I will be happy to comply.

Tea Rose is a pseudonym I use on the Internet because most people don’t pronounce my real name properly. (It’s Tara, that is, TAH-rah, not TARE-uh). I live in a suburb of Kansas City with my husband, Jonathan, my baby boy, and two cats, Empress and Soleil, and work in the graphic design/publishing industry. I post my own work on the blog whenever I have good pictures, but you can also find my work at Deviantart and Etsy. In some online communities, I use the name ThessalyRose, because it is more unique than Tea Rose.


2 thoughts on “About Needle and Clay

  1. What a surprise and how delightful that PCDaily inspired you to blog about doll artists!

    Nice work and now I’m raiding you for artists! I found Candice Cinque via you and am featuring her tomorrow. Serendipity!


  2. Tara, for all the time dedicated to bringing so many delightful artists to the creative world, many I would not have known about if it wasn’t for your blog, I’ve chosen to award your site for the Proximity Award. Drop by my blog anytime to pick it up. Thank-you for all that you share!

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