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Dolls and puppets aren’t that different, right? So for your continuing education, today I present a link with a bunch of pages about building stop-motion animation puppets. You might find a new kind of armature you’ve never thought of before, and there are several links to discussions of materials that are rarely used for dolls, like latex and silicon. Take a look around and see if you don’t get some new inspiration for your dollmaking.

Link via Shelley Noble at Notes from Halfland.

Notes from Halfland

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Check out Shelley Noble’s blog, Notes from Halfland, about the ongoing creation of her stop-action movie, Halfland. You can watch her amazing set as it grows from a pile of inspiration photos and craft supplies into a detailed world filled with Answer Trees, pun-a-rific sea life, and Birds in Hats. All of which are poseable in the interests of animation.

noble03 noble02 noble05

Many of her sea creatures, such as the nautilus pictured above, are donated by other artists, so if it sounds appealing, join in!


You can see more pictures of her work on her Flickr Site, and she also has a blog devoted to paper art. Must… resist… paper art… too…  many…  hobbies… already….