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Well, I didn’t have much time to work on the doll bed project this week, but I do have something cool to show you. I went to a meetup Saturday, and I scored some cool stuff.


The shoes are Dollmore and they’re a bit big for Leah, but I’m saving up for a tall girl body for my floating head, so hopefully they’ll fit that body when it arrives. Besides, I like them. :) I picked up the earrings because sometimes I think about piercing Cleo and/or Trixie’s ears. I hope to acquire another MSD who will be better suited to pierced ears though, so for now these will just go into the stash.

The long blond/pink wig is a Leeke color that I’ve always liked, so when I had the chance to get one cheap I jumped for it. It’s an 8, and I was hoping it would fit Cleo, who wears a 7/8, but it clearly does not. It does fit Teddy, my floating head, who is an 8/9, though, so I guess it’ll be hers for special occasions. Super-long wigs like that never seem to be default wigs in my house anyway. I guess I could have tried it on Leah, but I was afraid she’d kill me where I stood if I got near her with anything that adorable.

The other two wigs are very old, matted mohair wigs. After an hour of brushing and a ton of spray-detangler, the gold one is almost serviceable. When I brought it home, I couldn’t even tell that it had a part. Here’s how it looks on Teddy:


I actually love this wig. Teddy is a Luts Senior Delf Frey, which is a boy sculpt, but is perfect for Teddy’s strong female character. I really want to give her a faceup now! This might become her default wig, but all that brushing to get rid of the matting also got rid of the curls, so I decided to wet it down and see if they came back.

This is what it look like now:


Much better. I might decide to comb it out again and use some styling product to curl it properly at a later date. I also may add some subtle blond highlights, but for now I love it just the way it is.

The little white wig fits Cleo perfectly. She’s in pieces right now, waiting to be restrung, or I’d show her modeling it. But it was badly matted too, and after combing out the gold wig, I really didn’t want to comb out all those adorable ringlets. So I decided to put curlers in it while I was combing. I sprayed each lock until it was wet with spray-detangler, and then I combed it out and put it in a curler made from a drinking straw and a hairpin. This is how it looked after I finished with it:


As of this posting, I haven’t taken the curlers out. I don’t think the ringlets will be as tight as they were before, but they’ll probably be more natural looking. Not that natural is what you want for an 18th century wig. I’m going to exhibit at a bjd show next year, and my theme is Venetian Carnevale, so I need 18th-century wigs for all my dolls, and this is one less wig for me to make.

I’ll leave you with a sneak preview. What could this be? I’m not telling.


New stuff on etsy

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I haven’t sculpted a new doll in a long time, but I’ve been making clothes for Asian ball-jointed dolls. I just love the style of their sculpts, and the freedom from the art doll’s eternal dilemma — is it art or is it a toy?


BJDs are unapologetically dolls, meant to be touched and played with, even though they’re really for grown-ups. Making clothes for them is fun because you can make real clothes. Art dolls are often impossible to dress without constructing the garment directly on the doll, and many collectible dolls are so tiny or inflexible that you can’t dress them the same way you’d dress a human.

Classic leopard03

BJDs have a different set of problems (I’m still trying to work out how to make a realistic-looking tee shirt for a doll whose head has a larger circumference than his shoulders) but for the most part, you can make their clothes just like people clothes, only smaller and with less material.

White03 Orange02

Anyway, above are some pictures of things I’ve made lately. My model is a Kid Delf Bory and she is 40cm (about 16 inches) tall. She’s proportioned like a child, and I think of her as being around 10 years old. I’m saving money for a larger doll, who will be Cleo’s mother, because I want to make things like evening gowns and sexy fantasy costumes that don’t seem appropriate for a little girl. I’ve save $100 so far! Wish me luck!

P.S. I am actually working on a sculpted doll, which I hope to make into a ball-jointed doll of my own. She’s coming along, in fits and starts, and I feel like I have no idea what I’m doing. Other people make it look so easy, so maybe I’m just making it more complicated than it needs to be. I dunno.