Fun with tiny skeletons

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So, a couple of years ago, I noticed they had these creepy little plastic skeletons on a garland for sale as Halloween decorations. I didn’t buy any, because they were too expensive at the time, but I kept thinking about it. Then the next year I didn’t see them again, but I still wanted some, so I kicked myself for having missed out.

I should have trusted the holiday novelty market, however, because sure enough, they’re back, and today I actually found some at the dollar store. They’re really detailed and dollhouse-scale, so naturally I’m not the only one who thought you could do something really awesome — or maybe gruesome would be a better word — with them.

So, here are some links to what other people are doing with these little skeletons. Enjoy!


• Trust Ulla to make a wonderful multimedia project with them like these Day of the Dead glass coffins.


• It takes a special kind of twistedness, I think, to come up with this horrible/awesome mummified fairy, but apparently Art of Darkness is just the place for especially twisted ideas. Seriously, is that not the cleverest and creepiest thing ever?

• Finally, since the skeletons are roughly dollhouse scale, check out this 1:12 skeleton bride , skeleton pirates and skeleton cowboys from the dollhouse community.

Have fun! I think I’m going to make a creepy wreath for my front door with mine…