A Halloween Blog Party

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Hanger-on is a polymer clay sculpt by Debbie Williams.

It’s time for the first ever Needle and Clay Halloween Party! My friend Debbie Williams and I got together to join the Blog party over at A Fanciful Twist. Take a look at what happened and then go see the other partygoers by clicking on the picture at the bottom!

While they were over, the Steins had us take their annual Halloween card photo for them. Here you see Mr. and Mrs. Stein, and their kids, Frankie and Frankie. They’re big crusaders for Gothic American civil rights, so we were glad to help them out.

Mr. and Mrs. Stein are two of Debbie’s earliest dolls! The kids are plastic toys from her collection. The pumpkins and gargoyle are props from my collection.

Dr. Bones had just gotten up the courage to talk to Ooma when Godzilla Jr. and Miss Esmerelda came over to show them their Halloween costumes. When will Dr. Bones stop carrying the torch for Ooma?

Ooma the Trollwife is by me, and she won Best in Show at Costumecon last year. Dr. Bones is a purchased toy with a hat and collar by me. Godzilla Jr. and Miss Esmerelda were made by Deb.

The party was so much fun. Even the Fury got into the spirit with that silly hat. And it was good to see Godzilla Sr. really cut loose. It’s been hard on him, being a single dad.

The Fury is a plaster sculpture from my college days. Godzilla Sr. is a toy from Deb’s collection. Godzilla Jr. was sculpted by Deb.

Nosferatu: Thot’s a nice casket. Is it a ’67?

Dead Groom: Thanks! But no, it’s an 1869. I know it has less leg room, but it’s all original and only had one owner, so I just couldn’t pass it up.

Nos: Sveet. Did you get the leather interior?

Bitty Bones: ::rolls eyes:: They’ll be at this all night.

Nosferatu and the Dead Groom are by Deb. Bitty Bones is a plastic toy from her collection.

Here’s a shot of the kids before they went out trick-or-treating. Miss Esmerelda’s parents were thrilled that she wanted to wear a traditional Gothic American outfit for her costume. Godzilla Jr. wanted to go as a frightened Japanese person, but his dad didn’t think that would be politically correct. The Stein kids are in their “serial-killers-look-just-like-the-rest-of-us” stage. Ozzie the Toad is not wearing a costume; he always dresses like that.

Dr. Bones: I don’t know, I just don’t think a girl like her would go for a skinny guy like me.

Sock Monster: Not all chicks are all about the looks, man. You’ve got a lot going for you — your career, your sense of humor —

Sock Monster and the Bust of a Woman are by Deb.

Unfortunately, after the kids left, Godzilla Sr. got a little drunk. The Steins ended up taking him and Junior home in their minivan. No one wanted a repeat of the Tokyo incident.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures from our party! Click on the poster above to see who else was partying last night!

Halloween must be getting close

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Last year, my doll club and I exhibited at a great Halloween show in St. Joseph, Missouri. We had a lot of fun, but, alas, they don’t seem to be having it again this year. it’s time to start thinking about Halloween anyway, so today I’m going to do something a little different. Instead of giving you some links to dollmaking tutorials, I’m going to give you some links to instructions for Halloween props. One of the great things about dollmaking is how many skills you can employ in one project, so you never know when you’re going to learn something useful.

Ghoul Friday is not a dollmaker, exactly, but more like a Halloween enthusiast. Check out her page of prop-making tutorials. Visit her photo galleries, too, for pictures of her awesome themed parties.

Scaryguys.com offers tutorials and articles about making faux candelabras, mannequins that move with hydraulics, and lightweight “stone” walls. If you’ve ever thought about making something really big or animated, here’s the place to start.

Finally, HauntProject.com has a gazillion links to Halloween projects of every variety. Ever wondered how to make fake flames for your doll project? They have a section for that.

Happy Halloween!