Beatissima marionettes

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I love seeing an ancient tradition, like marionettes, translated into modern culture like this. Poland-based Beatissima‘s puppets are highly realistic art dolls with strings. They have funky, modern costumes and recognizable portrait faces. The thing that really surprised me was to realize how small they are. Most marionettes are around 35 inches tall, but these little guys are only 15 to 20 inches!

Elizabeth Jenkins

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Jenkins 1

This is a hard entry to write. A good friend of mine passed away recently, and I would like to share her work with you. Elizabeth Jenkins had a background in theater costume and an amazing talent for drawing and sculpting portraiture. The pictures I’m sharing with you don’t reveal her amazing ability to sculpt dolls of movie characters and historical figures, and you probably won’t be able to see the stunning precision of the costuming and the attention to details like the scale of the hair fibers. But what those of us who knew her will always remember is how generous she was with every technique and how much time and effort she devoted to our local doll club. Our club almost dissolved when she was no longer able to keep us together, but we have managed to persevere, partly in honor of her memory.

So take a look at her beautiful dolls and read her biography on her ODACA membership page. She was someone special, and she’ll never be forgotten.

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