Wiggin’ and Dreamin’ (Beautiful Dreamer, part 2)

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This was one of those weeks where I worked really hard and got almost done with several things, but not quite. Oh well.

Here is a picture of that wig after I took the curlers out. They worked really well, except I forgot how important it is to set the curlers in the right direction. So I’ll have to redo the curlers again sometime, but I was probably going to have to do that anyway, considering all the flyaways. The interesting thing is, I thought I was going to have to trim the bangs, because they went halfway down her face, but it turns out they were just meant to be curled.

Great white wig front & back

In addition to playing with my new wigs, I came really close to finishing the bed I’ve been working on. Sorry for the grainy, middle-of-the night pictures below. Getting better photography skills is on my to-do list.


There are only a couple of finishing touches left to do. I’m probably going to add weights to the quilt, after all. It just doesn’t hang right. I want to run a line of stitching around the outside edge of the quilt, and I want to spray paint the frame white, since it’s rusty and all the brass coating is coming off (and I have no idea how that happened. None at all. Stop asking me.).


The throw pillows are so tacky, they crack me up. They are an homage to a faux-fur pillow I had when I was a kid that was a hand-me-down from the 1960s. I wish I had made them bigger, though. Everything else is pretty much just how I wanted it, although looking at the whole thing now, I wonder if maybe I should have tea-stained it all before I glued anything down. I can’t wait to see it with all my tiny stuffies piled on it, like a proper little-girl bed. And maybe a book or two.

This week I’m working on a commission, so I may not have anything to show you next time. Coming soon: wigging for the whole family!